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The main concepts of the courses you will find listed give guidance regarding the importance of building relationships if you expect to get results from your students and other significant persons in your life. Not only will you learn to apply effective tools, but you will receive continuing education credits that help to move you toward advancement and to reach higher pay scales. Select one of the classes below and be on your way to a better tomorrow.

Understanding Student Communication

Want to truly understand your students non-verbal communication? Would you like to make a better connection and understand your students learning styles that will lead to improved academic performance?

When practiced and applied, the skill sets that you will master from this class will help you accomplish all the above.

3 units
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Comments From Educators

Understanding Student Communication:

"This course gave me the tools to transform my classroom into a positive, productive space where my students and I feel connected and fully engaged in the learning process. I would recommend it to any educator!"

"This course gave me tools that will help me communicate more effectively with staff members and students."
Managing Students Without Coercion 

If you are an educator i.e., teacher, counselor, administrator who is looking to move ahead in your profession, manage your classroom, and provide a positive working and learning environment, sign up now to take this course.

I will be with you every step of the way and I will make sure it is worth your time, money, and effort to complete this course.

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Managing Students Without Coercion

"This class provides a fresh perspective on dealing with students as well as those in our personal lives. This course provides a sound framework for the introduction of choice theory through a multitude of theoretical and practical applications that can be transferred to daily use immediately."

"Amazing content that will help you in the classroom AND in your personal life!"